Antique cameo on shell - 19th century

Antique cameo on shell - 19th century

The cameo is a technique of engraving in low relief on materials with layers of contrasting colors, stones such as agate for example, coral or shells.

The idea is to take advantage of this structure by making these colors appear in the desired places to create shapes and illustrations.
The image thus created is in relief above the background layer which is of a different color.

In our case here, the cameos are made on shells, the outer color of the shell is white, and the bottom layer is orange.

This gives an image carved in white on an orange background.

As it is a shell, the internal face is bulging and not flat.

In the nineteenth century cameos came back into fashion, they were most commonly engraved in shells as here.

They often represent the profile of a face, nature, animals or creatures of mythology.

These carvings were then set to be worn as pendants, rings or pins.
Here the cameos are taken out of their mounts.

Various sizes:

- Model A - Height: 1.4cm Oval

- Model B - Height: 1.7cm Oval

- Model C - Height: 1.8cm Oval

- Model D - Height: 1.3cm Oval

- Model E - Height: 1.4cm Oval

- Model F - Height: 1.3cm Oval

- Model G - Height: 1cm Oval

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