Ancient Terrestrial Globe - Mid-1950s - TARIDE Map

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Ancient Terrestrial Globe - Mid-1950s - TARIDE Map

The globe is difficult to date exactly because some old country names remain on the map even though countries have officially changed their names long ago.

We are post-war because the Indian Empire no longer exists, there is the Indian Union and West Pakistan as well as East Pakistan which took this name in 1956 and which will become Bangladesh later in 1971.

So 1956 but if we look at the map, French Indochina still forms a green block, the color of the French colonies, but Indochina no longer exists since 1954, it is one of the inconsistencies. Nostalgia for Taride perhaps...

The South African Union still exists, it will be dissolved in 1961.

We can therefore estimate that the globe is dated between 1956 and 1961.

total height: 24 cm - diameter of the globe: 14 cm

The base is made of aluminium

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