Eye of time Library on it's base (Large model)

Eye of time Library on it's base (Large model)

Pendulum clock to be posed or to be suspended with convex magnifying glasses on each side.

Imagined by an anonymous watchmaker in the Regency district of London who was trying to design a traveling clock that was both small and easy to read the time, let's not forget that the time was candlelight.

He had no idea that his spherical desk watch would become an object of covetousness. If necessary, the glass could be used to read a map or light a fire because the magnifying glasses could be unscrewed for use.

Old-fashioned dial on the front and old-fashioned compass rose on the back.

It can be hung or put on a desk, there is a flat on the back glass which allows to block it on a flat surface.

Dimensions of the clock: Diameter 7.5 x 11.5 cm: this is the largest model.

Dimensions of the base: H: 27.5 cm Width of the base about 13 cm - Diameter of the base 7.5 cm

Battery operated (included)

Sold with its gallows to hang it

179,00 €

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