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Vaugondy colored globe -14cm

Vaugondy colored globe -14cm

Robert de Vaugondy was the most renowned cartographer in France in the 18th century.

At a time when explorers and navigators were continually pushing back the frontiers of the known world. Robert de Vaugondy presented to King Louis XV his globe of exploration on which were indicated the routes of contemporary explorers.

This earned him the title of Cartographer of the Royal Court. In 1745, Robert de Vaugondy made this globe which gave the most recent and complete version of the latest geographical discoveries.

This globe is a true historical document. It gives an accurate picture of the world as it was known in 1745, its particularity is that it is entirely black.

This remarkable reproduction was carefully made from the originals at the National Bookstore in London. The spindles are made of varnished paper, resistant and applied by hand.

Diameter 14 cms

24,00 €

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