Terrestrial globe of 1960 on XIXth Bertaux tripod base - TARIDE map

Condition: Used

Terrestrial globe of 1960

A great classic of the cabinet of curiosities.

This is a TARIDE map - 154 Bd St Germain PARIS VI

Scale: 1/37,000,000

Made and printed by

Philip’s Challenge Globe
London Geographical Institute
Printed and manufactured in Great Britain

The papier-mâché globe is mounted on a beautiful tripod in bronzed cast iron.

It is a winding, indeed the foot is older, from the 19th century and more particularly it is a model of the Maison Emile Berteaux in Paris.

At one time the globe had to be placed there to replace an old globe perhaps more damaged. This base gives it an extra soul and a lot of charm.

We are in 1960 at the dawn of African decolonization, besides the colonies of French Equatorial Africa (AEF), French West Africa (AOF) and Algeria are still in the same green block but the names of the future countries are already inscribed there.

Dirt, no holes, missing from the Bahamas. The globe is damaged all around the equator, at the junction of the maps, the paper rises.

Total height: 53 cm - Height of the base: 21cm - diameter: 27 cm - circumference: 110cm

A fine example.

290,00 €

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