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Loupe Oxford

Eye of Time

Clock pendulum to be laid or suspended with convex magnifying glasses on each side. 

Imagined by an anonymous watchmaker in London's Regency district who was trying to design a travel clock that was both small and easy to read the time, let's not forget that the time was time for candlelight.

He had no idea that his spherical office watch would become an object of lust. If necessary, the glass was used to read a map or light a fire because the magnifying glasses unscrewed in order to be used.

Old-the-art dial at the front and pink of the winds of yesteryear at the back.

It can be suspended or placed on a desk, there is a flat on the rear glass that allows it to be blocked on a flat surface.

Dimensions: Diameter 5 x 8 cm

Battery-powered (included)

55,00 €

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