Old Earth Globe of 1937

Condition: Used

Old Earth Globe of 1937.

A great classic of the Cabinet of curiosities.

The map was prepared by J. FOREST, geographer and edited by Girard and Barrère in Paris. 17 rue de Buci.

Scale: 1/50 000 000.

The globe is on an aluminum stand, the globe itself is plaster and paper.

Height: 39 cm. Diameter: 26 cm.

How do I know the exact date of the globe? Very simple in its hectic years, just look at the countries and colonies at this moment.

In Asia, Japan created in 1932 a new state in skinning China, the Manchukuo by installing the last emperor of China on the throne: Pu Yi. So we are in the years after 1932.

Then in Africa, Ethiopia is marked as part of the Italian Empire, the conquest of the country and the escape of the Negus, the Emperor of Ethiopia, from the Italian aggression dates from 1936.

But in Europe, Austria still exists, Hitler's Nazi Germany will only annex it in 1938.

So it is 1937, the time to leave it to the geographers to transform a free country that is Ethiopia into an Italian colony on the maps.

Or how geography can also lead to history.

Beautiful general condition but there is a crack in the Indian Ocean that runs from the Tropic of Capricorn through the Dutch Indies, French Indochina, Siam and ends in the British Empire of India.

It is still a good example.

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