Sickness and deformity plate - Reprint (skin disease)

Condition: Used

Sickness and deformity plate - skin disease

This is a plate from a reprint because of the paper

Plate 8: Porrigo larvalis By William & Bateman (Fold in the right corner)

Plate 10: Porrigo furfurans By William & Bateman

Plate 14: Porrigo favosa By William & Bateman

Plate 25: Elephantiasis By William & Bateman

Plate 49: Tuberculous Elephantine Leprosy By Alibert

Plate 51: Scrotal Elephantiasis By Alibert

Plate 63: Acne rosacea By Alibert

Plate 71: Eczema impetiginosum faciei By Hebra

Plate 79: Acne rosacea rhinophyma By Hebra

Plate 80: Molluscum fibromatosum By Hebra

Plate 89: Hypertrichosis By Hebra

Dimensions: Approximately 19x27cm

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