Armand Vaast 's nasal spray (oil sprayer) - Head cold

Condition: Used

Armand Vaast Nasal Spray - Head cold (Oil sprayer)

The sprayer consists of a rubber bulb topped by a glass ampoule with a cork stopper. Inside is a bent glass tube.

This device marketed by Armand Vaast, installed on rue de l'Odéon in Paris, was a huge success with the medical profession.

It was used for the pulverization in mist of oils and medicated liquids, employed in the treatment of respiratory affections, colds of brain, nose, throat, larynx.

First half of the XXth century.

Supplied with its cylindrical box in good condition.

The sprayer is in good condition except for the rubber at its base which is no longer in its original shape, it is no longer straight because the rubber does not resist well over time.
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