Amputation set - Manufacturer LÜER - Paris XIXth century

Condition: Used

Amputation set - Manufacturer LÜER - Paris 

Box covered with shagreen, ray skin or tanned shark skin.

Compartmentalized red velvet interior.

Nearly complete, just missing 1 instrument, 1 pair of pliers I think.

All instruments are original and marked LUËR. They fit perfectly in the spaces provided.

They have ebony grip handles, the amputation saw also has a brass core between the ebony grips.

The house LÜER existed from 1841 to the very beginning of the twentieth century, a competitor of the house Charriere located not far away.

Dimensions of the box: 43x17.8cm Height: 4cm

The saw blade is about 24cm, there is also a spare blade.

Very nice box and in very good condition.

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