Herbalist jar- Black and Gold label - XIXth century

Condition: Used

Herbalist jar- Black and Gold label 

With its sheet metal cap. Late 19th century - Early 20th century.

Mouth-blown glass, there remains the trace of the pontil of the cane under the jar.

Beautiful black and gold label stuck on the outside of the jar except for the Peppermint bottle whose label is stuck on the inside.

Size of a bottle with its cap: 20cm Diameter 7.5cm

Except the jar of Peppermint: Height: 23.5cm Diameter 10.5cm

There is still a base of product in the bottle of the Tincture of Myrrh.

You buy one bottle and not the whole set.

-Tincture of Bitter Orange Peel

-Gentian Tincture

-Black Tea

-Tincture of Henbane


-Tincture of Myrrh

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