Antique wooden portable medicine cabinet - Medicine box

Condition: Used

Ancient wooden portable pharmacy - Medicine box from the beginning of the 20th century

Portable pharmacy containing 9 vials, 3 glass syringes, a clamp chisel and several rolls of bandages.

This case dating from the beginning of the XXth is on 2 levels, the central tray can be removed and gives access to a compartment underneath.

The vials are made of glass with their porcelain stoppers called can closure. (the rubbers are of course fired by time).

The bottles have a capacity of 75 cl each and most of them have their original labels.

-Paregoric elixir - Ammonia - Arnica tincture - Collodion - Lemon balm water - Camphorated alcohol - Iodine tincture - 90° alcohol - Ether

The vials were not opened for fear of breaking the caps. Some vials still contain some of their product.

Brass handle on the top, fasteners in good condition, the box closes perfectly.

Rare to find in this state and especially with these vials.

Size of the box: 32 x 26cm Height: 20.5 cm

255,00 €

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