Old homeopathy vial - English homeopathic Pharmacy NELSON & Co

Condition: Used

Old homeopathy vial from the English Pharmacy NELSON & Co in London

The pharmacy still exists and in the same place in Grosvenor Square.

The vials still have their contents of pills or pills but it remains decoration!

-Apis mel: apis mellifica: prepared from whole bees

-Chelidonium: Also known as wart grass or devil's grass.

-Causticum: Composed of lime and potassium bisulfite.

-Belladonna: prepared from Atropa Belladona (Belladonna), an extremely toxic plant.

-Pyrogenium: Made from pig muscle tissue.

-Pulsatilla: prepared on the basis of anemone pulsatilla. Very perennial and toxic plant

-Kali Carb: (Kali carbonicum) obtained from fine crystals of potassium carbonate.

-Lycopodium: Prepared from the spores of the Lycopodium also known as wolf's foot or club grass.

Glass vial, bakelite cap, old label.

There are writings on the labels and on the caps.

Height 6cm with stopper Diameter 1.5cm

11,00 €

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