Sloan's Liniment: Old pharmacy bottle

Condition: Used

Sloan's Liniment: Old pharmacy bottle

Early 20th century.

Andrew Sloan’s father (the famous doctor with the moustache on the packaging) is a veterinary assistant who kept Indians a recipe for treating muscle pain in horses.

Andrew in turn became a veterinarian, but in 1871 he joined his brother Foreman at Saint Louis (Missouri) to trade in horses.

He also proposed his talents as a healer from farm to farm, until one day he applied himself the liniment of horses in order to relieve his joint pain. Realizing the effectiveness of the product, the slogan was all found, "good for man and for the animal"!

He decided to set up a company with his brother to sell the miraculous cure on a large scale. 

A liniment is a drug that is used in skin application, sometimes in frictions, but by reading the enclosed notice you will see that it is forbidden to rub!

Glass vial, it remains a product background that smells strong like turpentine.

Bottle height 12.5cm with cap 

Carton packing, height: 14.5cm

25,00 €

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