Laudanum of Sydenham - Tincture of Opium

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Flask of Sydenham Laudanum.

The laudanum is an alcoholic very addicting dye of opium.

The laudanum of Sydenham, is a coloured with saffron dye of opium introduced and experimented by Sydenham, during the epidemics of dysentery of the years 1669-1672, in London. 

Until the generalization of the use of the chlorhydrate of morphine, this remedy will remain the most used painkiller. It is an opiate painkiller beverage.

There are any more today in France no forms marketed by this dye.

Where in Asia, the opium was smoked, in the United Kingdom he is drunk in the form of Laudanum, The opiate pharmaceutical preparations pass easily then from the therapeutic use to the entertaining use, especially as they are freely sold in the United Kingdom.

The opiomania affects all the classes of the society and generates even an esthetic search which will leave a track in the history of the literature. The poet Coleridge, Of Quincey, Poe and Baudelaire who say themselves "eaters of opium" (opiophages), is however rather drinkers of opium.

However, in this XIXth century, the rise of the addicting consumption of laudanum in the English popular circles created severe health problems.

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