Old pharmacy bottle with enamel label

Condition: Used

Old pharmacy bottle with enamel label (German or English origin).

Amber Glass, label with black or red writing.

Emery Glass stopper, the top of the stoppers has hand-carved numbers, as well as on the vials..

Red Labels (dangerous):

-LACTOPHENIN: A mixture of Quinine and cocaine used as anti-fever...
-BUTYLCHLORAL Hydrat: chloral Hydrate: Was often used in dentistry as a sedative, strong hypnotic power used in children in particular: SOLD

Black Labels:

Spray. GUMMOSUS: Pulvis GUMMOSUS: Mixture of Arabic gum powder.
-EPICARIN: Epicarine: Anti-scab powder. SOLD
-OREXIN tannic: Tannae of Orexin.
-RHIZ. ZINGIBER: Ginger Rhizome-Rhizoma Zingiberis: SOLD

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