Victorian brass Microscope and varnished cast iron foot

Condition: Used

Microscope late XIXth in brass and foot in varnished cast iron.

Straight-column microscope, Tiltable with movable turntable.

You have to use the rack for the focus.

The lens is splittable in 2 parts to modulate the magnification, numbered 1 and 2, characteristic of the French microscopes of the late nineteenth century.

The transparency illumination is ensured by a double mirror, plane and concave, and hinged allowing the oblique light with a circular diaphragm disc with 3 different openings that slides under the turntable.

The very heavy, varnished cast iron foot assures the machine a perfect stability.

The unit weighs 1.66 kg. height approx. 31 cm

425,00 €

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