Old little syringe of PRAVAZ - XIXth century

Condition: Used

Small old syringe in glass and metal late nineteenth, early twentieth century: Syringe of PRAVAZ.

This syringe has a graduating piston and has a glass body. The case closes completely.

A screw step from 0 to 20  allows to adjust its stroke and to measure the quantity of liquid injected. The rubber stamp inside the glass body allowed sealing.
The syringe is in its small case with a purple quilted fabric inside. A needle depending on the model is also there. The compartment for the needles to be inserted is behind the padded part of the cover, just pull the tape to find out.

Case Dimensions: 2.7 x 7.7cm height: 1.8 cm

Dimensions of the syringe: length 7cm without the needle diameter 0.8 cm from the glass body.

70,00 €

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