Old Absinthe carafe - Topette

Condition: Used

Old Absinthe carafe, also known as divider carafe or topette.

Quite rare since it is a single dose topette, without any beading. 

Indeed these topettes were with beading, each bead representing a dose of absinthe. The most common is the double bead, these carafes also serve for other alcohols. Hence often the double dose: one dose (1 bead) in the coffee and then the second dose after, the famous coffee pusher!

Here a single dose, all the carafe of absinthe is poured into the glass, just after putting the sugar on the spoon over the glass and then letting the water flow before tasting.

Blown Crystal carafon (trace of the cane under the carafon) and carved (the edges are very vivid).

Height approx. 14cm. Diameter at base 5.5 cm.

Some one have an internal splinter without breakage.

Carafe: [IMG-9185-left-large _Default]

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