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Porcupine fish (small)

Porcupine fish or Diodon.

The Diodon species includes fish with the ability to inflate. Another of their characteristics is to have quills, which distinguishes them from pufferfish who do not.

In common parlance, the word "Diodon" is often used to refer to a member of the Porcupinefish family without necessarily belonging to the genus Diodon.

Species of the genus Diodon are often referred to as "hedgehog fish", "porcupine fish" or "sea Hedgehog".

When they feel in danger, the diodons inflate very quickly to scare their aggressor. In fact they inflate by accumulating air or water in their esophagus until they take a spherical shape.

Avefrage Height like on the photo.

Wooden base diameter 6.5cm.

69,00 €

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